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Get a Babysitter in your Disney Resort Hotel Room

Visiting Disney World with kids is a lot different from visiting as just adults. Adults only vacations allow for activities not determined by nap schedules, feeding schedules, and grumpiness. While it really is magical seeing your kids’ faces light up seeing Disney World for the first – or tenth – time, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy some “big kid” stuff.

Whether you want a date night or just a chance to take your older child out on their own, you can get a babysitter to help with the younger kids.

Kid’s Nite Out is an independent agency that Disney has vetted and approved to provide in-room babysitting services. It’s not just for adult date nights or older kid nights out, but they can also provide parent assistance in the parks, which would be especially helpful for single parents!

Kids' Nite Out provides professional babysitting services in your Disney Resort Hotel room and in the parks!
Kids’ Nite Out provides professional babysitting services in your Disney Resort Hotel room and in the parks!

Kids’ Nite Out has been in business for more than 20 years and provides services for kids from 6 weeks old to 18 years old. Kids’ Night Out is a professional service, and each staff member is certified in childcare and safety measures. Every child and parent get a brightly colored armband with name, age, and ID Number. The parent must present their matching ID number in order to gain access to the children, so your kids are always safe.

This service isn’t cheap, but it’s about what you would expect to pay for the same service in your own home. It starts at $18 an hour with additional charges for more children or late-night hours. But you get a lot for your money! The sitter brings age-appropriate toys, games, books, and activities, and they keep you updated while you’re away with text messages and photos. They also ask that you provide a meal or snack for your sitter if they’re there for more than four hours.

If you’d like to get a Kids’ Nite Out sitter for your Disney World vacation, you can book on their website or call them. Once you arrive at your Disney Resort Hotel room, call them with your room number. When they arrive, they’ll ask about feeding schedules, bedtime routines, and the kids’ likes and dislikes. Then go out and have a good time!

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