Five Awesome Ice Cream Stores at Disney World

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

When you are on a Disney vacation you will walk for mile after mile – probably much more than you normally do at home. All those miles mean you will burn off extra calories. That means you can indulge with some special treats. One that is high on my list, and which I will recommend to you, is ice cream.

The good folks at Disney World must like ice cream too, since there are plenty of places where you can buy it.

Let’s look at five awesome ice cream stores around Disney property where you can reload on some calories and indulge in some creamy goodness:

1 – Ghiradelli Soda Fountain

Location: Disney Springs, Marketplace

What you can get: Scoops of ice cream in waffle cones, sugar cones, and regular cones, as well as a number of specialty Sundaes with catchy names like “Midnight Bliss” and “Haight AshBerry”. You can get bottled water here too, but the focus is pretty much all ice cream all the time. You can also get chocolates at the adjoining Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop, which often hands out free (yes, I did say free) chocolate samples.

Why it’s awesome: While the world might know the Ghiradelli name because of the terrific chocolates, they also make equally high-quality ice cream. The hot fudge is some of the best I’ve had, and the whipped cream is very creamy and very flavorful. In a word, it’s delicious.

Ghirardelli ice cream - it's goooood.
Ghirardelli ice cream – it’s goooood.

2 – Beaches & Cream

Location: Disney’s Beach Club Resort, not far from Epcot

What you can get: This relatively small restaurant serves a light fare of typical Americana like hamburgers and turkey sandwiches.

Why it’s awesome: Try the food, but go for the ice cream! In addition to hand-scooped treats, you can also enjoy plenty of blended drinks including milkshakes and malts. Some of the Sundaes, like the “No Way Jose,” which includes generous portions of peanut butter and hot fudge, have attained a cult-like following. But the star of the show is definitely the “Kitchen Sink” which features eight scoops of ice cream, every topping available, and a whole can of whipped cream. It can serve a small army, and the server who brings it out will make quite a spectacle of the event.

Beaches and Cream is a crowd pleaser.
Beaches and Cream is a crowd pleaser.

3 – The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Location: Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom

What you can get: There is no food here to clutter up the menu. This parlor is all about scoops of ice cream and Sundaes served in fine Victorian elegance.

Why it’s awesome: The ice cream here is fine, but it’s not really exceptional. It seems like it is the same Edy’s ice cream you can get in your local grocery store. The Sundaes are good with quality toppings. However, you do get something quite special here: location, location, location. You can get your Sundae and then head out into the unbeatable atmosphere of Main Street USA. Watch the Main Street Electrical parade or enjoy the Wishes fireworks spectacular. Main Street makes any ice cream taste incredible, right?

Ice cream on Main Street - what could be better than that?
Ice cream on Main Street – what could be better than that?

4 – Morocco Juice Bar

Location: Morocco pavilion in World Showcase section of Epcot

What you can get: While this location is called a juice bar, and it does serve things like wine, espresso, and slushies, it also offers chef-created ice cream.

Why it’s awesome: The draw here is not just more delicious ice cream but the fact that this location serves up some very unusual flavors, including several you have likely never heard of or even thought of before. Try out chocolate and cinnamon, toasted almond with rosewater, pistachio with orange blossom water, or green tea. Most of the flavors are full, strong, and very unique.

5 – L’Artisan des Glaces

Location: France pavilion in World Showcase section of Epcot

What you can get: This is a great place to stop after a light meal or a pastry at the nearby Boulangerie Patisserie Les Halles. Enjoy some very good quality ice cream in French style.

Why it’s awesome: Based on the presentation, the ice cream here appears to be made just for the shop. It is rich, thick, creamy, dense, and overall delicious. It will give you the energy needed to complete your march around World Showcase.

French ice cream - magnifique!
French ice cream – magnifique!

Do you like eating ice cream at Disney World?  What is your favorite?