You’ve finally made it to Orlando, and you’re officially on vacation! What’s the first thing you want to do?

Your answer probably isn’t “rent a car and drive on unfamiliar roads along with a bunch of other people who also don’t know where they’re going.” No!

You want to get to your resort as quickly and efficiently as possible and get to the parks or maybe jump in the pool.

Many people argue that the Disney transportation isn’t good, and there are certainly reasons to argue this point. But I have to put in my two cents and say that the Disney buses really contribute to a better vacation for most folks.

Here are the top five reasons that I think Disney transportation, specifically the buses, provide advantages on your vacation!

5. Two Words: Magical Express

When you arrive at the Orlando airport, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get to your Disney Resort Hotel. You don’t even have to go to baggage claim! Just head straight to the B side of the landside terminal and take the escalator or elevator to level 1. There you’ll check in using your MagicBands, and you’ll board the bus to your resort.

The Magical Express will even pick up your luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to your hotel room in a couple hours. This alone is a huge time saver!

4. They’re dependable

Disney buses are pretty dependable. They run approximately every 15 minutes, so even if a bus is just leaving as you’re arriving at the bus stop, there will be another one arriving shortly.

Disney bus service operates frequently and reliably.
Disney bus service operates frequently and reliably.

Once the bus arrives, you can also bet that you’ll get the great customer service from the Disney Bus Drivers you’ve come to expect at Disney. They’re friendly, polite, and accommodating. Sometimes they’ll joke with you, especially if there aren’t many people on the bus.

You can also count on the buses being clean and comfortable. Sure, the seats are hard plastic, but the buses are air-conditioned and heated to keep you comfortable. If it’s hot, they’re almost chilly, and if it’s cold, you’ll enjoy the warm cabin.

3. No Rental Car Necessary

If you don’t use Disney’s transportation system, your other options include using a taxi or an Uber to get everywhere or renting a car and driving yourself. While this is the most viable and probably least expensive option, it has a lot of downfalls.

First, if you drive on your own, you’ll have to navigate possibly unfamiliar roads. Some of these roads are major highways like I-4 while others are small, two lane roads, and you could easily get lost on either kind.

Second, having a rental car means parking in the very crowded parking lots and a lot more walking.

Finally, imagine leaving the parks late at night. Your whole family is exhausted, and you can’t find the rental car. Once you do find it, you have to navigate your way back to your resort.

In the meantime, those riding the buses have boarded and are probably back at their resorts enjoying a snack in the food court, a late night dip in the pool, or a Disney movie before bed. Again, the Disney bus is a time saver.

2. They’re Handicap Accessible

Remember that I said the bus drivers are very friendly? They’re also accommodating to those with physical limitations. If you or anyone in your party is in a wheelchair or scooter, the bus driver will park the bus, lower a ramp, and help you board the bus. They’ll strap down your chair or scooter and make sure you find a comfortable seat. What’s more, you’ll be one of the first people to load the bus. Once you’re on, the other people will be allowed to board.

You don’t need to rent a van fitted with a ramp just to get around because Disney has you covered!

Disney buses accommodate those with special needs.
Disney buses accommodate those with special needs.

1. Escape Responsibility

Probably the nicest thing about the Disney buses and going to Disney in general is the complete relinquishing of responsibility. Once you arrive at the Magical Express terminal, Disney will take it from there.

Literally- they take everything. They handle your luggage, all of the tolls, all of the navigating, all of the driving. You’re on vacation, and you can really relax knowing that highly trained drivers have your back.

If Disney wants to give you a break from driving, you may just want to take it.

Do you enjoy using Disney Buses?