Four Creative Ways to Add Subtle Disney Décor to Your Home or Office

Disney World is a magical place that evokes intense memories for many of us. Unfortunately, we also have jobs that require us to be in a specific location that may not be so close to Disney, but these jobs do allow us to fund our Disney dreams.

You can add a little Disney magic to your life every day by decorating your home or office with subtle Disney decor.  Your space doesn’t have to look like Storybook Circus in order to add a little Disney fun!

If you’d like to add a little Disney flair to your home or office away from Disney, this article is for you!

All of these tips involve mixing Disney with non-Disney, so get your creative side ready to go.

1. Disney Artwork

There are many kinds of Disney artwork that you can incorporate into your home or office including both the obvious and the subtle. Disney sells prints depicting everything from obvious Disney characters to more minimalist pieces like abstract renditions of Cinderella Castle.

Disney artwork can be subtle or obvious.
Disney artwork can be subtle or obvious.

If a giant picture of Goofy or Donald hanging on your wall is a little much for your setting, head over to Etsy or Ebay. Etsy has many minimalist paintings from independent artists, and Ebay auctions off old Disney photos like those of the construction of Walt Disney World Resort.

Creating a gallery wall with a couple strategically placed Disney pieces mixed with non-Disney pieces force an observer’s eye to focus on the gallery as a whole rather than one large print.

2. Vintage Disney Items

Ebay has a ton of vintage Disney souvenirs including mugs, trinkets, books, and ashtrays. A mug or bowl could serve as a pen or paper clip holder for your desk while an ashtray is a great holder for keys, jewelry, or candy in an entryway of your home. Books and trinkets can add interest to your bookshelf and remind you of things you love about Disney.

A mug works well as a pen holder for your desk!
A mug works well as a pen holder for your desk!

3. Attraction-related Merchandise

Items related to Disney attractions both past and present abound both at Disney and online. If you’re looking for something really subtle, try adding an Adventureland Throw Pillow to your sofa or an Enchanted Tiki Room Luau Plate to your table.

People who are unfamiliar with Disney will not even recognize this subtle piece of décor. Check out, Etsy, Ebay, or Google Shopping to find the perfect piece for your home or office.

4. Hidden Mickeys

The Mickey heads on this picture frame are subtle enough that they could be overlooked.
The Mickey heads on this picture frame are subtle enough that they could be overlooked.

Many people who have visited Disney several times still don’t recognize Hidden Mickeys in the parks, so incorporating them into your home or office décor is sure to be a subtle nod to your love of Disney. Just like in the parks, anything can be made into a Hidden Mickey including dishes, candles, photos, flowers, and so much more.

Do you have Disney décor in your home or office?