Starbucks Now Open On Main Street USA In The Magic Kingdom

The new coffee location is now open for business.

It has been in the works for a while – but as of Tuesday, June 18, 2013 the new Starbucks is now officially open in the Main Street Bakery on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

This opening is part of a larger agreement between Disney and Starbucks that promises a Starbucks in each of Disney’s US theme park.  A location is already open in Disney’s California Adventure, and one is under construction in Epcot.

Many Disney fans have been concerned that the new coffee location would not fit into the “turn of the century” feel of Main Street.  In fact, there was even a news story about a lawsuit to stop Starbucks (source) – but that was just an April fool’s joke.

The location retains its original name – The Main Street Bakery.  To me it seems that Disney did a good job of maintaining the look and feel of Main Street in the new store – although the location is now much more a coffee shop and much less a bakery.

Let’s take a look at the new location.

Starbucks Sign Main Street 1
This overhead sign uses an old-styled Starbucks logo.

Starbucks Main Street Sign 2
This painting on the window has old-style charm too.

Reorganized Interior

Disney did adjust the interior of the bakery – there is no longer any seating inside the restaurant.  This allows for more space to accommodate the typical huge lines.

Bakery Serving Area
Bakery serving area.

Food And Drink Offerings

Others have been concerned that their favorite food or drinks would no longer be available. Let’s take a look at the menu.  There is a full set of Starbucks beverages and Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.

The drink menu is extensive and includes Starbucks favorites:

Menu of Main Street Bakery - Frappuccino and Smoothies
Menu of frappuccinos.
Click to view enlarged version.

Menu of Main Street Bakery - Espresso - Make it yours
Menu of espressos.

Click to view enlarged version.

Menu of Main Street Bakery - Starbucks Refreshers

Menu of Refreshers.
Click to view enlarged version.

The sandwiches include Bacon and Gouda; Ham and Cheddar; Sausage and Cheddar; and Spinach, Feta, and Cage-free egg-white.

Good Bye Cinnamon Roll

It seems the original and very popular Cinnamon Roll is gone.  You can still get a huge Cinnamon Role in Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland.  Let’s look at the bakery items the are available.

Main Street Bakery Case
Bakery case – looks just like a Starbucks.

Main Street Bakery Cookes
Bakery cookies – yum.

Starbucks Cards

The Main Street Bakery does accept Starbucks gift cards and the Starbucks mobile app, and you can earn Starbucks rewards at the Magic Kingdom bakery.  However, you cannot redeem Starbucks Rewards at this location.


For those who think that Main Street has just become commercialized with the addition of Starbucks, I have some news:  Main Street has always been commercialized – from the very beginning. Disney has always worked with sponsors and operating partners to help fund their operations.

Here are just a few examples on Main Street that have existed for quite a while and are located just steps away from Starbucks:

Edys Main Street Ice Cream
Edy’s Ice Cream sponsors the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor.

Casey Corner Coke Starbucks
Coca-Cola sponsors Casey’s – as well as lots of other things around Disney property.

Main Street Confectionery Smuckers
Main Street Confectionery sponsored by Smuckers (the Smuckers name is hard to see, but is in gold print at the bottom of the sign).

One Down, At Least One More To Go

There is still one more confirmed Starbucks location set to open inside a Disney World theme park – at the former Fountain View ice cream location in the Future World section of Epcot. It is scheduled to open mid-summer 2013.

What do you think about Starbucks on Main Street?
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  • Gilbert Henry

    Seem to me that Disney did a pretty good job of keeping the feel of Main Street in this new store. And there are plenty of other sponsors on Main Street. But it seems the Main Street Bakery is no longer a bakery at all – it’s now a coffee shop.

  • Denise Martin-Nees

    I can understand the offering of Starbucks coffee. After all it’s coffee….Starbucks says “Coffee” for almost everyone world wide. Calling it Main Street Bakery without any Main Street Baked goods, well that just seems WRONG. Starbucks coffee, very good, Starbucks baked goods, not so good, look great but taste like cardboard. Not even close to what you would find in a real bakery. I am very disappointed that the baked goods are gone. I know that our family will not be stopping by a Starbucks when there are so many other wonderful quality offerings all throughout the park.

  • penni

    No, it should be outside the parks, getting away from the “real world” is part of the magic.

  • MH

    I agree with Denise, taking out the good line of Bakery Goods from the MAIN STREET BAKERY is just “WRONG”. Makes you wonder who’s pocket got filled to dare to put Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom. Since someone in the Disney chain of command is now richer and ,since the traditional bakery line is virtually gone, (yes I loved the cinnimon rolls), why not just rename the Main Street Bakery, Starbucks. SInce this is obviously a sceme to promote the Starbucks line, why not just turn Main Street into another strip mall…………………..At this rate that is what it will turn into. You call this website of yours World of Walt, what would he really think of this????????? Bad move Disney…..

  • Carolyn

    Not pleased at all. When I visit Disney I don’t want any reminders of home.

  • johnlal

    People are fairly comfortable with the Dole Whip or the GE Carousel of Progress. (Or the number or other corporate presences in the park). People seem to like the product. Seems like a good fit.

  • Michelle Cronin

    Very disappointed….will bypass this when I go in October. Don’t like the new Walt Disney World…..no cinnamon buns; btw not the same buns in Gustan’s Tavern…sigh, add it to the other bad decisions…..who is running this place anyway?

  • Dawn L DeGraaf Vasquez

    HATE IT, and im a coffee drinker. Something totally different from the Eddys or Caseys…Starbucks food is horrible. No seating, no charm, no cinna bus as soon as you get into the park to start your day?? BOOO Disney. Another sad example of what Walt would hate.

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