Christmas Comes To The Grand Floridian (Photo Tour)

Nothing says "classy" like the Grand Floridian. And the Resort brings that sense of style to it's Christmas decorations.

Disney puts up some amazing Christmas decorations in the theme parks, especially on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and at the Osborne Christmas Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But the Disney resort hotels get some decorations too. And perhaps one of the most best decorated locations is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Christmas Tree

Of course the hotel lobby gets a Christmas tree. And the tree fits the grand scale and scope of the lobby itself, in addition to the grand Victorian style. The tree is huge and is decorated with swans, angels, and bird cages. It truly fits the look and feel of the hotel.

Ginger Bread House

A special treat is the life sized gingerbread house, which actually contains a little store where you can purchase – what else – gingerbread treats. The house is both a culinary and engineering feat – amazing to see how a few thousand pounds of sugar and flour can make an edible masterpiece. I wonder if I could get a few bites of it after Christmas is over?

 Grand Floridian Christmas Tree 2012
The Christmas tree in the lobby is huge and fits the theme of the hotel itself.

Grand Floridian Christmas Tree Ornament - Swans

The swan ornaments add a Victorian touch.

Grand Floridian Christmas Tree Ornament - Angel

This Angel ornament also fits the theme of the hotel.

Gingerbread House
The Gingerbread House is a feat of engineering and a work of art.

Gingerbread House Ingredients
Check out the ingredient list – 1,000+ pounds of honey!

Gingerbread House Detail
The detail on the house is beautiful.

Gingerbread House Shop

And it is big enough to hold a little store with Cast Members that sell – what else – Gingerbread Treats.

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